Friday, August 8, 2008

Zhangjiajie Drifting

With the high mountains, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls and clear streams, Maoyan River is quite suitable for drifting. Sometimes, it flows wildly through a narrow gorge; Sometimes, it advances calmly like a gentle lady. Along the river, green mountains rise sharply from the valley , with more than 30 fascinating waterfalls. You will find yourself have enough freedom to be yourself when canoeing in the river.

Another notable river for drifting is called Mengdong River regarded as "Number-One drifting in the World", nearly 40 minutes drive of downtown Zhangjiajie .Mengdong River is situated 80km southeast of Zhangjiajie city, nestled among steep and verdant mountains. It flows through a primitive canyon with towering limestone cliffs, which is an ideal place for retreats. Rafting usually takes you 3 hours, ending at Furong town that is well preserved with old streets and wooden buildings, used to be named "Wangcun" until a famous movie entitled "Hibiscus Town" was filmed there. It is really worth visiting.

Maoyan River

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